Boise Bonsai Society
A non-profit organization dedicated to educating our members and the general public in the art and culture of bonsai in the Treasure Valley, since 1996.

About Us

The Boise Bonsai Society (BBS) was started by 11 original bonsai enthusiasts in 1995 with 'Bonsai Bob' Legget as Sensei, becoming official with elected officials in 1996. Originally formed at 'Sunset Nursery' (now out of business), only 2 original members still serve to support the backbone of the club - Sandy Ford & Barb Gough (thank you!).

The Boise Bonsai Society (BBS) is a group of dedicated bonsai enthusiasts from the greater Boise, Idaho area. Our goal is to educate both our members and the general public in the art form known as 'Bonsai' (pronounced 'bone-sigh'), the ancient Asian art of growing miniature trees in pots. Our club holds bonsai workshops, collecting trips, and annual shows throughout the year. All levels of ability are welcome!

A Bonsai Educational Experience for All

Meeting Location

Boise Bonsai Society (BBS) meets at the FarWest Landscape and Garden Center, in their greenhouse, unless otherwise noted. FarWest is located at 5728 W State Street, Boise, ID.

During scheduled meetings after hours, be sure to park outside the main-gated areas and enter the nursery from the main gate at the front. Follow the dirt path north along the east side of the property to the first large greenhouse on the northeast corner of the property.

Our Founder

Founder & First Sensei - Bob Leggett

Founder & First Sensei of BBS

Mr. Bob Leggett, 'Bonsai Bob', founded the Boise Bonsai Society of Idaho in 1995, and served as the society's first Sensei in the art of Bonsai. Our thanks go out to Mr. Leggett for establishing the BBS and pioneering the art of Bonsai in the challenging high-desert climate of the Treasure Valley (Suzi Dethman, President Retired).

- Boise Bonsai Society

Our Officers

President - Jason Kimball


Vice President - Jon White

Personal Relations

"As a kid I saw my first bonsai tree and like many others I was amazed. It wasn't until much later in life I truly learned to appreciate the art for what it is -a beautiful mix of expression, horticulture, dedication and love. I have a passion for this art, and like a sponge I try to learn & experience everything I can. I try to live by the motto - Don't be afraid to try someting new, or be afraid of failing. This is how we really learn and grow."

- Jon White, Vice President, founder/owner of High Desert Bonsai

Treasurer - Kristen Chamberlain > Barb Gough


Secretary & Librarian - Patricia Caskey

Secretary & Librarian

"After moving from CA, I went searching for advice on what to do with a ten-year-old ficus cluster that I had brought with me. I found myself at the Boise train station where the BBS & Koi Club were displaying their art. There I met Suzi & Barb and their passion for bonsai rubbed off and into me. With their unselfish help and guidance I have come to realize an amazing form of living art, which I hope to enjoy forever. Can you think of a happier, healthier life style than living among trees?"

- Patricia Caskey, Secretary & Librarian

Webmaster - Michael Chamberlain


"I've always loved the art and science of 'bonsai', wondering how it was possible and what the secrets were. Having grown up in the wet and mild Willamette Valley of Oregon, I moved and settled in the Treasure Valley in search of the bright and cheerful Idaho blue skies and sunshine. For some unknown reason, it was then I decided to try and learn how to grow bonsai in the much more challenging high-desert climate of Idaho - Why not? I've always loved a challenge! The wonderful folks that make up the BBS welcomed me and have been patient and kind, as I grow in this art - thank you all, and here's to another step in a lifetime of learning! - Anyone for a 'byte' of fertilizer? ;P"

- Michael Chamberlain, BSIT/SE, Webmaster,

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