Boise Bonsai Society
A non-profit organization dedicated to educating our members and the general public in the art and culture of bonsai in the Treasure Valley, since 1996.


This is Our 26th Year Serving the Treasure Valley
- Thanks to all our members and elected officials for making this a 1st-Class Bonsai Society
First 2021 Meeting: 21 JAN
Members: Our first 2021 Meeting is now scheduled for 21 Jan 2021; 6:30pm. This will be a virtual online-only meeting. All members have been e-mailed details on this meeting. Please plan to join us for a 'gab-session'. Plans are to review the current/drafted 2021 schedule, talk about membership for this year, changes in name tags/membership benefits, etc!

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Seasonal Tips
Mid Winter
  • Check on winter beds at least monthly and moisten (early in day) if too dry.
  • Spray with dormant spray (Neem Oil).
  • Read & educate yourself from articles, books, literature, videos, etc.
  • Plan your repotting schedule, to being in spring.
  • Remove excess moss in winter (harbors insects and disease).
Members: The following are great resources for tools, supplies, and material:

'Revitalize Bio-Fungicide': This product was mentioned at our Jan 17th meeting to help recover ailing trees:
Random Photos Displayed Above are From:
Our Picnic/Auction held on 13 AUG 2016,
Koi & Bonsai Show held at the Idaho Botanical Garden on 27 AUG 2016,
Boise Flower and Garden Show Bonsai Display, 24-26 MAR 2017, and
Potting Demo, 15 FEB 2018.
Peruse all our photos on our 'Galleries' Page.

The Boise Bonsai Society (BBS) is a group of dedicated bonsai enthusiasts from the greater Boise, Idaho area. Our goal is to educate both our members and the general public in the art form known as 'Bonsai' (pronounced 'bone-sigh'), the ancient Asian art of growing miniature trees in pots. Our club holds bonsai workshops, collecting trips, and annual shows throughout the year. All levels of ability are welcome!

A Bonsai Educational Experience for All

Local Media

Interview by KTVB Channel 7 May 2016:
* News Media Coverage: The Boise Bonsai Society leadership was recently interviewed by KTVB, NewsChannel 7, and aired 26-28 May 2016 on "You can grow it with Jim Duthie". You can watch the full segment by selecting the video image below and waiting for the advertisement to complete.
Our BBS is Famous! - Interview by Channel 7, aired 26 May 2016

Meeting Murmurings

3 December 2019 Annual Planning Meeting:
We had a very productive Annual Planning Meeting again this year; thanks to Mr. White for heading this up! We have a lot of exciting events planned for this up-coming year, in 2020. Thanks to all who attended and participated.
  • Members, please don't forget to plan on submitting your annual Membership Form and Dues, either at one of our up-coming meetings, or via USPS. Thank you! Annual Membership forms help us to ensure your contact information is current for communications.

14 November 2019 Holiday Dinner:
We had a great time at our annual holiday dinner this year! Lots of fun, gifts, food, and fantastic fellowship. Thanks to all of our officers for all your work putting this great event together again this year, and for making it so much fun for all!
  • Members, please don't forget to attend our next annual planning meeting, to help us make next year another exciting success!

Recommended Articles/Videos

Vocabulary Reference

  • Bonsai: (Pronounced 'bone-sigh') The art of growing trees in trays or pots. Derived from 'bon', meaning 'tray' and 'sai', meaning 'tree' (Pessey & Samson, 1992, "Bonsai Basics", p16).
  • Besaki: Beautiful Stone; used in formal display. Viewing Stones offer a story and serve as companions to the Bonsai in formal display.
  • Jin: Deadwood branch.
  • Kusamono: Companion Plant; used in formal display.
  • Mycorrhizal: Fungal associations between plant roots and beneficial fungi. The fungi effectively extend the root area of plants and are extremely important to most plants. Original soil contains this beneificial fungi close to the roots; care should be taken whe repotting, to maintain a good portion of this resource.
  • Nebari: Exposed surface roots, located at the base of the tree.
  • Ramification: The training and development of secondary branch structure from the main branches by regular pruning, encouraging thick foliage and pad-development.
  • Schefflera: The 'Indestructable Bonsai'. A popular in-door/tropical species of tree used in Bonsai. 'Dwarf' variety of the full-sized Brassaia.
  • Shari: Deadwood on trunk.
  • Suiseki: Companion Stone; used in formal display. Note, the word 'stone' is used in Bonsai terminology; not 'rock'.
  • Yamadori: Wild trees collected for training as Bonsai.
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